Prom Hairstyles Kit

Easily Create a Different Updo Every Day
Quickly Create Curly Hairstyles
Create Hairstyles with Zig-Zag Parts
Create Curly Updos
Create Hairstyles with Body and Volume
Create Hairstyles with Texture and Fullness
Easily Create Finger Wave Hairstyles
Create Waves Easily
Create Half Updos Quickly

Price $17.25

I'm sooooo happy with this product. I have a very full social schedule. I usually have at least one wedding or formal event to go to each month. I was able to create my own updo for one event then 2 weeks later I created a completely diffrerent hairstyle. My friends are so shocked, they think I got a raise.

I never thought I could have cute curly hair because my hair wouldn't hold a curl no matter what I tried. Then I tried the Sassy curlers and I couldn't believe what they did. I still don't know how they do it but they are awsome! I would reccomend them to anyone and everyone. Thank You EuroTeezer!

I purchased the DO-Z and I love that it teases my hair over my double crowns I'm very satisfied with my purchase because it does what it is suppose to do. It's very easy fixing my hair. I recommend it to me my friends and family.