Sassy Hair Curlers

Portable- take with you anywhere
Use day or night
No heat = No damage
Easy to use

Price $8.75

Crimp Curls Spiral Curls

These are some wonderful rollers. I got them about a week ago and just tried them out 3 days ago. Prior to having them I couldn't quite find a hairstyle I liked. I'm African American and I went natural for about five years. Recently I went back to relaxed hair. more

I was trying to figure out how to do an updo when I found your video on YouTube. I took a look at your website and saw a comment from an African American woman (which I also am) who answered the question on how many I should actually buy. more

I like that I got curls without heat damage, I can sleep in them I can wear my hair curly without damaging my hair with curling irons. L.J.

The Sassy are very comfortable to sleep in. I was satisfied with the Sassy because they worked exactly as advertised I'm happy with the benefits that I can set my hair for spiral curls the night before. Most other spiral curlers are too hard to sleep in. J.W.