Do-Z Hair Comb

Add Volume
Detangle Hair, Wet or Dry
Distribute Gel Evenly
Zig-Zag parting made easy
Protect your hair from breakage
Optimize thermal drying
Replace your brush, comb & pick

Price $8.50

I am a school teacher and am on the go all day long. Before I owned a do-z comb, I would have to carry both a brush and a comb in my purse. Even with these items, my hair would become flat and unkept within a few hours of my day starting. Now I just use my do-z comb in the morning and at my lunch and my hair looks well styled all day long! What a difference! My co-workers are constantly complimenting me on how my hair always looks great and full of body! Euro Teezer, I have you and the do-z comb to thank! Your product, the do-z comb has made my "bad hair days" virtually non-existent!

I purchased the DO-Z and it's the best product to use to pick out hair. I Have ordered several for friends and an extra one for me to keep in "travel" kit. Wouldn't want to be away from home without it! L.J.

I Purchased the DO-Z and it's great, I use it all the time. It does all I want it to do I love that it is eaiser to fix my hair and have it ready quicker.