The founder of Euro Teezer has been in the Beauty Industry for over 30 years. She was listening to her customers frustrations and problems through out the years.

"My hair is limp, lifeless, what can I do?"
"My hair is too straight, or too curly, it's unmanageable, is there a solution?"
"My hair breaks so easily, no matter what I use?"
"Detangling is a hassle for me as well as my kids, what can I use?"

Everywhere, no matter who you are, where you are, these kinds of problems still exist.

The founder set out to create a solution to these problems by creating the do-z comb, which is so revolutionary it relatively sets your creativity FREE. It's so easy to use and it is for everyone, any type of hair, any length of hair. It's versatile and "does it ALL", that's why we call it do-z comb.

Since developing and creating the do-z comb, Euroteezer has expanded their product line to include the sassy curlers Curlers which solves the problem of getting curls (spiral or regular) without the pain and hassle that you would normally get with ordinary curlers. The sassy curlers Curlers were followed by the foot-z pedicure slippers, a pedicure slipper to solve the problem of not having the time to wait 2 to 3 hours for your toes to fully dry. Comfortable yet safe to wear outside the hair salon or spa on your way home. Now with the foot-z pedicure slippers you can get that great pedicure and complete your errands too. No more waiting for the polish to dry or messing up your new pedicure because you were in a rush.

Here at Euro Teezer we carry a line of professional products for salons as well as clients. We back our products with a full quality guarantee. Many years have been spent on developing a fine quality line of beauty products. We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do!

Currently you can find our products throughout our website.

Our commitment to you is to bring only the finest and most imaginative products for hair styling and hair care needs to the market